Quest provides comprehensive and integrated premises security engineering services, conducting site assessments of operations, personnel, internal & external threats, equipment & technology certifications, and ingress/egress points. In addition, Quest conducts site assessments in anticipation of providing expert witness testimony, risk assessment, and recommendations to mitigate future liability. Quest's premises security engineering solutions provide safe and secure working environments free of internal and external threats.


Quest's premises security engineering services include survey and analysis of the following:


  • Operational security regarding the flow of traffic in and out of the site(s).
  • Security relative to ingress/egress points, docks areas, interior traffic flow, and vertical transportation operations and control.
  • Specific architectural security issues regarding the parking areas associated with the site(s) or other associated potential risks to structural elements adjacent to the site(s).
  • Operational issues regarding security officer programs.
  • Application of security technology.
  • Identification verification programs.
  • Operational issues regarding monitoring security and CCTV systems.
  • Security related to courier delivery operations.
  • Existing emergency action/management plans.
  • Integration and optimization of physical security and electronic security systems.


After such site assessments, Quest provides written security analysis and recommendation reports that contain comprehensive analysis and recommendations. These reports also contain findings regarding crime rate and social environment in order to provide an overview of the security climate and threat assessment for the site.