Quest has built an excellent reputation in the area of employee dismissal assistance and property / fleet vehicle recovery services for terminated employees. Our teams of investigators have developed highly effective property recovery methods, as well as, successful techniques for dealing with terminated employees that help ensure the efficient and safe collection of company assets, while avoiding potential litigation and protecting the company's reputation.


Quest's system greatly reduces the possibility of litigation and will maintain a company's reputation in an otherwise potentially hostile setting. Proper techniques for communicating with terminated employees and recovering company property are crucial to avoiding litigation.


Third-Party Expertise & Neutrality

The personal background and expertise of Quest personnel in forensic profiling, crisis negotiation and criminal psychology, together with on the job experience as career FBI field agents, supervisors and managers, has been invaluable in developing this program.


A typical Quest property recovery team includes two or more investigators (all former Special Agents of the FBI and former law enforcement officers trained by the FBI) who can respond within 30 minutes to a few hours in almost any city in the country without the cost of air travel and lodging. In addition, international teams can also be assembled.


The team arranges to meet with the terminated employee and recover company property in a friendly setting, without entering the terminated employee's residence. After the property is inventoried, the terminated employee signs the inventory, eliminating future claims or arguments.


It is Quest's experience that those involved in recovering property from terminated employees should not be employees of the company. An atmosphere of neutrality reduces anxiety. Trained, experienced investigators assigned to this type of recovery have the ability to establish rapport with the terminated employee in a way that company personnel would find difficult. This kind of exchange is almost never possible if employees attempt property recovery.


Comprehensive Approach

In order to avoid further potential legal action and protect the client in the event of such action, Quest can make a forensic copy of any electronic media (e.g., laptop hard drive, Blackberry/smartphone, etc.) that are included with the recovered property. This specialized procedure provides a precise record of what was contained on the electronic media upon recovery (before the company's IT department has access to it), and may be used as evidence in the event of a lawsuit.


  • Recovery of company vehicle, laptop, and other company assets including fax machine, printer, company documents, product samples, etc.
  • Protects company's reputation.
  • Avoids litigation.
  • Avoids costly expenses of air transportation and lodging.