Forensic profiling has received a good deal of publicity regarding cases of sexual homicide and sexual assault, but it also can be very beneficial to businesses that seek to evaluate many other issues. Quest is uniquely qualified to provide forensic profiling services as its Forensic profiling team includes former forensic profilers, criminal psychologists, and instructors for the FBI.


Forensic profiling is the evaluation of investigative results rather than investigation in the usual sense. It is the careful examination and analysis of verbal, physical and sexual behavior, taking into consideration the context within which each element of behavior occurred. All known information is considered, with each factor viewed in isolation and then collectively, along with all other factors. Speculation, theory and fact each have a role to play but each must be carefully evaluated for what it is, in ascending order of significance. Speculation can open the mind to theories not previously considered and a well-based theory can lead to new sources of fact.


The goal of forensic profiling is to maximize understanding of the crime and the criminal so that strategies developed for investigations, interviews, and other methods, have a greater chance of success. Quest's experienced profiling team maximizes its training, research capabilities, and focused deductive reasoning to profile offenders or suspect personalities. Quest develops strategies to deal with an offender or a specific personality and utilizes proven interview techniques to provide powerful forensic profiling services.