Quest's worldwide intelligence network provides law firms and corporate legal counsel with the most comprehensive litigation support services available. With years of experience providing litigation support to federal prosecutors, Quest is uniquely qualified to conduct discreet inquiries and investigations in support of all types of civil litigation.


  • Worldwide locating of witnesses.
  • Worldwide interviewing of witnesses.
  • Collection, organization, and preservation of documentary evidence.
  • Collection and safeguard over integrity of evidence and chain of custody.
  • Forensic analysis of physical evidence.
  • Expert witness testimony.
  • Witness protection/security and transportation.
  • Asset identification, location, and seizure.
  • Consultation on corporate use of the civil RICO statute.
  • Computer related data evidence recovery and investigation.
  • Electronic searches for illegal listening devices.
  • Polygraph testing.
  • Document & handwriting analysis.
  • Surveillance and undercover observations.