Safeguarding People, Assets & Reputations

Quest Consultants International, Ltd. is a consulting firm providing high-quality, high-tech physical and information security services. With unparalleled professionalism, discretion, and confidentiality, Quest provides its services to multinational corporations, law firms, financial institutions, labor unions, government agencies, educational institutions and regional school districts, and private clients.

One of the most unique and integral aspects of Quest is that its team of expert consultants is comprised almost entirely of former FBI Agents, each with more than 20 years experience in federal law enforcement. Each former agent serves in a consulting area of investigative expertise, creating in Quest, one of the most comprehensive offerings of forensic consulting and business intelligence services in the world.

Other specialists perform additional consulting, technical, and research services in support of Quest's team of experts. Further, Quest's expert consultants network with select former law enforcement officers and intelligence service agents around the world. These highly experienced, multitalented specialists combine their intimate local knowledge and high-level contacts with expertise in specific investigative and intelligence areas.

Quest's consultants have appeared as expert witnesses in federal courts more than a thousand times combined. They also appear regularly on television and radio, and in print, as experts on terrorism, profiling, kidnapping, extortion, organized crime, murder, theft, and espionage.

Founded in 1996, Quest was formed by four former special agents of the FBI to meet the growing demand for corporate security consulting, investigations, information security and computer forensics, and business continuity. A global consulting firm headquartered in the Chicago area, Quest has associate offices located nationally and throughout the world. Quest's comprehensive services are a combination of experience and knowledge brought to the firm by its team of expert consulting investigators.
Quest has built its reputation on results. The following illustrates the wide variety and successful outcomes of some of Quest's cases:
  • Investigating intellectual property theft resulting in a 7-figure judgment in our client's favor.
  • Busting a corporate espionage ring involving the tracking and returning of stolen art and other valuable collectibles estimated at over $1,000,000.
  • Uncovering an internal fraud and embezzlement conspiracy for an international film company.
  • Performing an industrial espionage counter-surveillance and detection sweep resulting in the busting of a systematic leak of proprietary information at a major energy company.
  • Providing transitional law enforcement training to the Russian National Police to combat corruption and organized crime.
  • Performing due diligence in the gaming industry.
  • Eliminating organized crime from the management of one of the world's largest international labor unions.
  • Identifying network penetration and password fraud.
  • Recovering property from a disgruntled ex-employee, heading off a lawsuit.
  • Identifying and locating copyright and trademark abuse involving counterfeit consumer products on the grey market.
  • Conducting major intellectual property and piracy investigations resulting in criminal convictions and civil recoveries in the millions of dollars for corporate clients.
A few words from our clients Quest has been built from the ground up on its reputation with its clients.
"Quest brought all of our needs together in a precise way and provided direction in an investigation that was otherwise going nowhere. It was obvious that their past professions within the FBI benefitted us by providing new investigative insights."
"Never before have I experienced such expertise and phenomenal response time."
"In my 30 years on the bench, I have never experienced a more professional, innovative agency."
"If only everyone had the knowledge and experience Bob Scigalski has in this arena, it would make my business life significantly easier."
"Great job! I really appreciate your professional approach and your responsiveness."
"Quest's response has been unprecedented along with the professional follow-up."